Is Ejaculation By Command a SCAM?


Premature ejaculation is a very prevalent condition with a lot of stigma accompanying it. The majority of men that have this condition fear to speak about it or seek help, consequently leading to loss of self esteem and confidence when their lovers leave them. 

The statistics about premature ejaculation are worrisome. At any given time, 30 percent of men experience this condition while 70 percent will experience it at some point in their lifetime. What is more, there’s a general reluctance to open up and confront the situation. 

But thank God for the Ejaculation By Command program. You can purchase it in confidence and use it privately until you master your game. Ejaculation By Command entails in-depth knowledge about the subject of premature ejaculation and how to restore lost confidence. 

The Ejaculation By Command program is the work of Lloyd Lester that is aimed at providing men with this condition a discrete way of overcoming their problem and regain their confidence. There are lots of unique techniques designed to train your body to act in a particular way during pleasurable moments. These techniques are designed to make your body respond in a certain way, thus last longer in bed. The ultimate goal of this program is to allow you to reach the desired duration in bed that is not only pleasurable to you but to your partner as well. 

When you start using the Ejaculation By Command program, one thing becomes immediately evident – the techniques put a lot of emphasis on the mental aspect of sex. Truthfully, sex starts in the mind, and many of the things that happen to the body are a direct result of what is going on in the mind. It’s no surprise that a big part of this guide focuses on the mind game. When you learn how to let your mind relax during a pleasurable encounter, your confidence will increase and put you in full control of your sexual urges. 

You don’t have to deal with your problem alone anymore. The Ejaculation By Command program is the perfect companion to help you deal with this terrible issue that may cause a host of psychological problems which can seep into your everyday life. It’s not your fault that women turn you on. However, if it so happens that each time you get turned on you ejaculate prematurely, then that becomes an issue. The good thing is that this condition is reversible if you put in the effort.


The Contents 

The following are the major areas that are dealt with in this program:

Psychological Control – As hinted on earlier, there’s a lot of discussion about the effect of the mind during a sexual encounter. What you think about during that encounter plays a major role on endurance and pleasure. So if you want to last longer in bed for the good of your partner and yourself, you must have psychological control. In this section of Ejaculation By Commandguide, the author discusses this topic to great length owing to the importance it has on ejaculation. 

Hormonal balance – Hormonal and chemical balance is another section that is discussed in the Ejaculation By Command guide. During a sexual encounter, the body produces two hormones that have direct impact on how long you can last during the encounter. When Dopamine levels are too high, it affects the man’s ability to last longer in bed. 

On the other hand, high levels of Serotonin prolongs ejaculation, thus leading to a more fulfilling encounter. The author asserts that he’s help you manage these hormones during sex so that there’s a perfect balance conducive for prolonged ejaculation. 

Physical Control Exercises – This is the third section that is dealt with in this guide. Just like any other muscular system, the ejaculatory process can be trained to work as you want it to work. The author claims that it is very important to understand the group of muscles that help prolong ejaculation, and once you’ve known those muscles, you can focus your physical exercises on them to achieve the result you desire. On the other hand, focusing on the wrong muscles can make the situation worse. The tips given for physical control exercises are very helpful for conditioning stamina. 

Reducing stimulation – Too much stimulation from the friction between the man and their partner is what leads to premature ejaculation in many men, among other things. You can tweak sex positions to try and overcome too much friction. When you find a position that takes a small amount of friction from the penis, stick to that for a while until you feel that you can control the sensations. You will learn sex positions that allow a man to relax during sex, thus reducing the chance of premature ejaculation. 

Enhancement exercises – You will also learn about special workout routines that help to improve stamina in bed. These techniques are increasingly becoming popular due to their effectiveness. Pelvic exercises such as kegels used to maximize penis size when erect can also be useful at prolonging ejaculation. They particularly help in building control of the erectile muscle, thus improving ejaculation control. 

The Ejaculation By Command guide also contains very useful tips about general lifestyle traits and how they affect sex life. In addition, there’s a lot of myth bursting information about things that have for long been accepted as true yet they are not. These include pills, medication, or any other product that is touted as an ejaculation control solution. 

To Buy Or Not To Buy?
Firstly, while the Ejaculation By Command guide is intended specifically for men with premature ejaculation problems, it can also be a useful resource for any many seeking to improve their game in bed. So it is highly recommended to any man who wants to gain in-depth knowledge about sex and how to please their partner. 

The guide comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, meaning that you will be refunded the full amount if you find that the Ejaculation By Command guide did not help you. 

If your woman has been giving you a cold shoulder lately, she might be expressing her displeasure at your bedroom antics. Get this guide to win your partner’s love and attention back!